Orlan ( Paulette du Brouet )

She’s an artist expressing her work through diferents supports like paintings, scupltures, installations, photographies. She’s one of the french body artist. Her work is disturbing. She is interested in politics, religion and society. She denounces body violence, particularly to women’s body. We can say that she is a feminist person and she uses her body as a way of work.

Let’s talk about her work named « The artist kissing », it’s a performance where the artist sat down behind her own photography and she calls the audience saying  « come on, come on ». What created controversy is that people can choose between to kissing lips of her mouth or of her sex, in exchange for money. This work was exposed in 2008 at the National Museum of Women in the Art of Washington.

I like her works because she commits completely inside. She believes in her works and she goes up to the end of her projects. Besides, I admire her because she has no fear, she’s the only who can do it because everybody wouldn’t be able to use her own body to do this kind of experience.

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This project was entitled « PQR » in link with  » PQG », a free newspaper. we had to carry out a new kind of free newspaper. This kind of work belongs to typography and graphic design clases.

That’s why this project required preparation: we had to make differents originals collages whom corresponding to the « dada »style. In fact, we had to inspire us to this moved and funny style to create first tests of the cover of our own newspaper. At first, the sense of words pick up on several newspapers to symbolise titles weren’t important. About means used, it was possible to touch the photography, illustration, photomontage, but above all, it was compulsory to realise the project in two-colored and why not using wefts.

In my view it was a dificult work because of the fact taht we were without real constraints. it was a free work, and at first I was a litle lost but finaly I liked it because I found a concept whom gave me a lot of pleasure to create.

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Cooky cola

This project is named « Cooky Cola », we had to create an identity project for the  » maquette d’étude » clase. We had to inspire us of « Coca- Cola » in order to succeed the relevant packaging.

Dealing with constraints, we had to let guess a part of the cooky when it will be in the box thanks to a window. Besides, we were compelled to respect the descriptif text ( ingredients, calories,…). Furthermore, the logo and the number of the cookies in the pack that we created had to be present on all the faces of the box, which mean six times! I chose red, black and white colors to keep the brand spirit, which works quite well. Then I created and selected the shape which is a « wave » like windows. After several attempts I diferents tests I realised the final packaging,the one I thought the best.

Finally, I think it was an interesting and enriching work which permitted me to know some of the difficulties in the creation of a packaging, with standards to respect, measures and proportions…Despite these facts, we can definitely be creative, stay creative, and I like it.

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