Cooky cola

This project is named « Cooky Cola », we had to create an identity project for the  » maquette d’étude » clase. We had to inspire us of « Coca- Cola » in order to succeed the relevant packaging.

Dealing with constraints, we had to let guess a part of the cooky when it will be in the box thanks to a window. Besides, we were compelled to respect the descriptif text ( ingredients, calories,…). Furthermore, the logo and the number of the cookies in the pack that we created had to be present on all the faces of the box, which mean six times! I chose red, black and white colors to keep the brand spirit, which works quite well. Then I created and selected the shape which is a « wave » like windows. After several attempts I diferents tests I realised the final packaging,the one I thought the best.

Finally, I think it was an interesting and enriching work which permitted me to know some of the difficulties in the creation of a packaging, with standards to respect, measures and proportions…Despite these facts, we can definitely be creative, stay creative, and I like it.

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