This project was entitled « PQR » in link with  » PQG », a free newspaper. we had to carry out a new kind of free newspaper. This kind of work belongs to typography and graphic design clases.

That’s why this project required preparation: we had to make differents originals collages whom corresponding to the « dada »style. In fact, we had to inspire us to this moved and funny style to create first tests of the cover of our own newspaper. At first, the sense of words pick up on several newspapers to symbolise titles weren’t important. About means used, it was possible to touch the photography, illustration, photomontage, but above all, it was compulsory to realise the project in two-colored and why not using wefts.

In my view it was a dificult work because of the fact taht we were without real constraints. it was a free work, and at first I was a litle lost but finaly I liked it because I found a concept whom gave me a lot of pleasure to create.

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